What our clients say...

"Heather was excellent from the outset. Very pleasant to work with, patient and knowledgeable.
The set up and notes provided during and after the session were (and still are) very helpful and easy to follow. I would have no hesitation recommending Heather and her services."

"Heather managed to tailor an Excel course for us tailored to individual needs within the group. Some of us had greater knowledge than others so this was never going to be an easy task for Heather, however her approach to this issue is to be commended. I personally felt the training was a great success in filling in my knowledge gaps and I will definitely be using some of the skills learnt in my future work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather to anyone wishing to enhance their skills."

"Heather put a tailored Excel course together for us, which was tremendous. Not only did we learn whole new areas but we identified the bits we thought we knew and only partially knew - Heather filled in the gaps and we know our productivity will be immensely improved. We will revisit again and further consolidate our knowledge with another course - a big thank you Heather. "

"I recently completed the Advanced Excel Training course with Heather. We covered a lot of content and I learned many new skills and techniques which have enabled me to work more effectively with spreadsheets. The supporting information provided in the course was very thorough and continued to prove useful as a handy reference guide after the training. Heather is extremely knowledgeable and also very attentive, ensuring the content is fully understood and applied in practice before moving onto the next topic. I would highly recommend this course and Heather as an instructor to anyone who is looking to increase their Excel or other software/systems knowledge and skill. Thanks Heather!"

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather for many years. She is an extremely capable, engaging and professional trainer who has, over the years helped many employees gain the upper hand with Microsoft Office products. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather who always went the extra mile to make sure individuals got the very best experience and where necessary provided one-on-one coaching or to provide extra support in applying new techniques to work situations. Unlike many suppliers, Heather has always focused and specialised in MS Office, which I believe has made the depth of her knowledge of the interoperability of Office products unrivalled. If you're looking for a trainer in these areas I wholeheartedly recommend Heather."

"I have been using Excel for over 10 years (self taught). Before the course I could find my way around and work out ways of doing things, but they were not always the best or quickest ways of working and I would spend hours rather than minutes producing and compiling spreadsheets/workbooks. Heather’s teaching methods were excellent and pitched at exactly the right level. I have learned a lot and I am now much more knowledgeable and confident when working with Excel. I am sure that moving forward I will be able to work much faster and more efficiently thanks to Heather’s thorough and concise training. "

"Heather was an amazing tutor and I really think that we are incredibly lucky to have her teach us. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She really does go above and beyond in making a course fun and interesting. Thank you! "

"Heather conducts an excellent training package and we have used her services over the years to conduct many training sessions for us. We always get great feedback from everyone who has attended. Heather is very knowledgeable in her subject field and a pleasure to work with."

"We have used Heather over many years and always delivers professional first class training, she delivers the training in a clear and understandable way. Please give her a try I can recommend her highly."

"Clear and easy to understand tuition that taught not only the functionality of more advanced uses in Excel, but also the theory behind them so that a rounder understanding was achieved. I also learnt a lot of keyboard shortcuts that were new to me and will be helpful in speeding up various tasks."

"Wonderfully supportive learning experience. Offered outstanding support with training. Personable, approachable, extremely patient during learning sessions. Lovely trainer."

"Great support yet again from Heather! Very knowledgeable and patient with me and my Excel task. Highly recommend :)"

"Project Level 2 course July 2021 was a good quality course that was in depth and productive and provided a good help towards what I do day to day."

"Excellent Office training courses. Great Microsoft office training, regardless of your skill level will increase your productivity and confidence with vital applications. Training is very friendly and helpful with great reference documents supplied."

"I enjoyed it all. Heather ensured that every bit of it was relevant to our needs and appropriate to our level of understanding and competence."

"Thanks for such a great course. We have all come back to the office bursting with new ideas on how to improve and there can be no better outcome from a training course than that. I really enjoyed the 3 days and would be happy to recommend this to anyone."

"Heather explained everything thoroughly, if someone was struggling she would take the time to explain it in different ways so that they would understand. I liked that Heather had a guide book for us all, which we could keep for future reference, she also emailed us out all the work we had done during the day. Heather has thought of everything you could possibly need and this was a great help."

"Once again, Heather’s passion shone through. She always has the answer to any questions straight away. Learnt some very useful tips as well as a very welcome recap of the Introduction course. I feel much more confident in applying calculations/ formulae/ functions to a spreadsheet."

"I enjoyed all of the course, it was delivered in a way that was easy to understand and easy to think of ways to use it in my work. I liked the way different approaches were demonstrated to arrive at the same result depending on the data available and how to use a combination of functions and calculations. Having an interest in what Excel can do for me helped, but Heather delivered the course in a way that kept me interested and got me thinking about how I can make Excel work for me."

"The course was fantastic, very informative. Everything was explained very well. Excel just came alive and everything fell into place for me. I’d just like to say thank you to Heather for making Excel my friend and no longer an enemy."

"I enjoyed how informative the course was, and that you can easily see where areas of the course will fit into your daily work. Heather is an exceptional teacher, very patient and understanding of your specific needs and always willing to help find a solution to a particular problem. Thank you. I want to say a very big thank you to Heather Ledbrook for her extra time and patience whilst I was training. "

"It was good to learn and understand the basic changes needed to ensure a spreadsheet is kept simple and easy to use, which allows it to become quicker to achieve key results."

"It was so lovely to meet Heather, our trainer, yesterday. Thank you so much for the Excel training, which will help us hugely in our working environment. The way you explained and produced the course was fantastic, we all agreed you were a great teacher and we wish we had your knowledge."

"Thank you very much for the training provided last week. I was very surprised that even in the lessons we went over Excel features that I use every day, that there was information that I didn’t know about, but found very useful. The shortcuts, tips and tricks are so important to anyone who depends on Excel in their job. I must say I really enjoyed the training, and everything I learned will make life a lot easier now when it comes to using Excel."

"Excellent course and great delivery. Heather really understood each trainee and their level of Excel knowledge. I feel that my skills have been enhanced through this training and this will certainly help me in my role for KPI’s, stats and reporting. I would highly recommend this course and instructor."

"Heather’s approach to teaching was perfect for my style of learning. Without even saying I was unsure, Heather was able to recognise this without even speaking with me. I learnt a great deal from this course and would recommend to all. Heather was a great instructor."

"Really grateful for the superb training! Although I have only been back at my desk for a day or two, the tips and hints taught have saved me so much time already! I have used the basics much more than I ever thought I would and although I’m still quite unfamiliar with it all and I am referring to the booklets provided quite often. I am so much more confident and would even go so far as to say that I am actually no longer daunted by the whole spreadsheet issue"

"This was a course I asked for and was very much looking forward to it after Heather instructed me on my intermediate course. I was positive it was going to be an enjoyable experience. I enjoyed having the interaction with an expert instructor and enjoyed being able to ask any Excel based questions I had. I picked up a new depth of knowledge with some great ‘top tips / shortcuts’."

"Working in a small group at a pace which suited us all and gaining a good basic knowledge in Excel. Heather instills confidence by her calm manner and thorough approach, which was very helpful and reassuring for an Excel-phob like myself. The training manual will be invaluable and helpful going forward, as I can practice the exercises to reinforce what we learnt during the training. Although I have used Excel for a number of years, I have never felt very confident about my ability. This course has helped quell my anxiety when using Excel."

"A well structured course that was delivered with flexibility to ensure relevance to actual work. "

"A well structured training delivered at a good pace for all delegates. The feedback I have received from course attendees has been excellent and usually results in them asking to be nominated for the next level of training or wanting to develop new IT skills."

"The service we receive is of the highest standards and a partnership approach proves successful in providing the training solutions for our business and our colleagues. We have the option to receive the training either on site or at The Software Training Company; this offers us flexibility in the number of colleagues we need to train, at any given time. All colleague feedback, without exception, is excellent demonstrating that the training we receive meets both the needs of the whole group, but also one-to-one time is spent with individuals where necessary."

"Our company has had a relationship with The Software Training Company for a number of years and the level of training, support and dedication given by Heather and all those involved shows a real understanding of great customer service. All feedback received from training delivered has been positive and has made a real impact on the colleagues and business."

"Objective IT training is essential when we look to progress our employees. The Software Training Company have produced very specific training courses which benefited both our colleagues and the business. Training should be enjoyable and of value and the feedback I have received is proof that the Software Training Company have achieved this."

"We have been using The Software Training Company for a number of years to provide Peugeot dealership staff with the IT skills and knowledge necessary in today’s modern dealership. The excellent feedback for delegates attending the current suite of courses and their demands for more, have led us to introduce, with Heather’s help and guidance, two new advanced programmes. "

"I despise computers, always have done but I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel that I was able to learn all that was taught and will be utilizing many of the areas of training for the benefit of my work and the overall benefit of the company. The course was thorough and well executed in a highly professional manner. Many thanks for a very helpful course and the opportunity is greatly appreciated."

"I have been on a few courses before in a previous job, but this has by far been the best I have received. Heather was a brilliant trainer, full of enthusiasm for the programme and fantastic at guiding us through the elements. The booklet we have received is very useful. I feel I have learnt so much that I can use in my day to day role and I will speak to my managers about considering the advanced course sometime in the future to gain further skills."

"I thought Heather controlled the group excellently to deliver a great deal in the short timescale she was given. I learnt everything I needed and more and felt this was down to Heather’s style and obviously high level of knowledge. An excellent use of my time - well done."

"Found the course to be very good, straight from booking. It gave me the opportunity to raise the areas that I was looking to develop / enhance / refresh on. I found that the one to one training was very good, since it enabled me to ask more questions and raise different scenarios which the trainer was able to answer. This may not have been possible if there had been more people on the course. Course from start to finish was excellent and the trainer was first class."

"Heather creates a good environment for people to learn and ask questions without feeling inadequate and has an excellent training style."

"Heather has trained me and others in the organisation where I worked. What I love about Heather as a trainer is the vast extent of her knowledge about each and every feature of the software packages in which she trains. She explains the why about everything which really helps her learners to retain the information and to self-correct when they are challenged in applying their new skills in practice. Heather provides comprehensive guidance notes as a reference tool and is always happy to take an informal enquiry from previous and current learners. She is very generous with her time. Her patience is exemplary and she adapts her style to the learner making her equally capable to teach absolute beginners and advanced users. She was a great help to the management accountants in my previous organisation. I have personally had the pleasure of being taught by Heather and could not believe how quickly I progressed under her tutorage. I would like to recommend Heather to train at all levels. She is competent in delivering online and face to face, to individuals and groups."

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