Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Upcoming Microsoft PowerPoint course:

Microsoft PowerPoint - Level 1
1 day
Start date: 05 Sep 2024, 09:30am (Thursday) ONLINE training

Microsoft PowerPoint is used for delivering on-screen presentations and is widely used by millions of people across the business world. PowerPoint's innovative tools can help you make professional looking presentations quickly and easily. Many people set about using PowerPoint as if it is a Word document, only a fancier version, consequently the potential of the software is lost and it’s not utilised to its full potential. If you have the technical skills required for Word and Excel, you can see how they massively help in business management, calculations, report writing, etc. PowerPoint is somewhat special, besides the technical skills required, it has a very strong creative side to it as well. It’s this combination of skills that people usually find daunting. In our courses we not only teach you a wide spectrum of simple and complex technical skills, but we also give you guidance and useful tips on how to present your ideas in a creative and effective way.

People with laptop and PowerPoint presentation
Man with laptop and PowerPoint presentation
Woman with PowerPoint presentation
Group of people with PowerPoint presentation
Laptop screen with PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint course level details:

Level 1

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the knowledge to create powerful and effective on-screen presentations. They will be introduced to the graphical, drawing and animation features of PowerPoint which will enable them to create more interesting and professional presentations.

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