Training courses

Microsoft Excel training

Excel is one of the world’s most used software programs due to its extreme versatility and power. There’s a lot more to the program than most people will ever realise and there’s a use for it no matter what you do.

Microsoft Word training

Don’t dismiss Word training, it can open your mind and make a huge difference to the way you work. Learning Word is not just about which buttons to press, but more about understanding the program’s capabilities.

Microsoft PowerPoint training

Microsoft PowerPoint is used for delivering on-screen presentations and is widely used by millions of people across the business world. PowerPoint’s innovative tools can help you make professional looking presentations quickly and easily.

Microsoft Teams training

With Microsoft Teams you can work effectively, and without interruption, to bring your colleagues together in one place. Stay organised and connected whilst developing and maintaining working as a group.

Lotus notes
Visual studio

Boost your confidence while enhancing your knowledge – Let’s get started now!

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