Don't Delete Meeting Requests from the Inbox in Outlook

Meeting requests arrive in your Inbox just like any other email and can be opened just like ordinary emails and calendar entries. Microsoft’s default setting for what happens to meeting requests once you have responded to them is set to remove them from the Inbox. You can change this setting, so that you can keep hold of the original invite should you want to look at the original message.

When you respond to the meeting request the message is automatically removed and put in the Delete folder. Users often don't realise this is where the message has gone and can spend time looking for it, particularly if it contains additional information relating to the meeting.

  • Click the File Tab to display the Backstage View
  • Select the Options Command
  • The Outlook Options Box will appear on the screen
  • Click the Mail Category on the left side of the box
  • Scroll down to the Send Messages Heading
  • Ensure the Delete Meeting Requests and Notifications from Inbox after Responding Check Box is not selected
  • Click the OK Button when complete

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