Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel - Level 3

Upcoming Microsoft Excel Level 3 courses:

Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 10 Sep 2024, 09:30am (Tuesday) Finish date: 11 Sep 2024 (Wednesday) ONLINE training
Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 17 Oct 2024, 09:30am (Thursday) Finish date: 18 Oct 2024 (Friday) In-class training
Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 06 Nov 2024, 09:30am (Wednesday) Finish date: 07 Nov 2024 (Thursday) ONLINE training
Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 10 Dec 2024, 09:30am (Tuesday) Finish date: 11 Dec 2024 (Wednesday) In-class training
Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 13 Jan 2025, 09:30am (Monday) Finish date: 14 Jan 2025 (Tuesday) In-class training
Microsoft Excel - Level 3
2 days
Start date: 05 Feb 2025, 09:30am (Wednesday) Finish date: 06 Feb 2025 (Thursday) ONLINE training

Microsoft Excel Level 3

Course Aim

To develop topics covered in the previous courses and to introduce more advanced Excel commands and functions. The course will provide the delegates with the opportunity to explore the more sophisticated features and facilities of Excel. There is an emphasis on combining features together for practical usage and application.

Who Should Attend?

Regular users with an extremely good working knowledge of Excel who want to develop their knowledge further. Should be able to perform calculations with ease to include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and be able to use the functions introduced in Levels 1 and 2 without any issues.


Attended the Level 2 Excel course or been using Excel for a long period of time.

Course Content

Working with Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Revising working with worksheets
  • Hiding and displaying worksheets
  • Displaying worksheets in separate windows
  • Arranging multiple workbooks on the screen
  • Moving and copying worksheets into other workbooks

Performing Calculations Across Worksheets

  • Revising performing calculations across worksheets
  • Inserting extra worksheets and updating calculations
  • Entering and editing 3-D functions
  • 3D SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and COUNT functions

Formulae and Functions

  • Mixed absolute and relative references
  • Calculating percentages
  • Summing non-adjacent ranges
  • Integer and round functions
  • Lookup functions
  • IF function with multiple conditions
  • Using the AND and OR functions with IF
  • Combing IF and VLOOKUP
  • INDEX and MATCH versus VLOOKUP
  • Hiding errors


  • Creating, modifying and using templates
  • Inserting sheet templates
  • Modifying the default settings of new workbooks

Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Locking and unlocking cells
  • Protecting and unprotecting worksheets
  • Protecting a workbook
  • Saving a file with a password

Working with Tables

  • Guidelines for creating a table
  • Making and naming a table
  • Filtering data in a table with a slicer
  • Converting a table to normal data
  • Using a named table in calculations

Linking Workbooks

  • Paste and reference linking workbooks
  • Opening dependent and source workbooks
  • Updating data when workbooks are linked
  • Modifying links
  • Performing calculations across workbooks

Naming Cells and Ranges

  • Naming a cell or a range
  • Jumping to locations using range names
  • Using range names in a formula or function
  • Book level and sheet level names

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